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Applying for a Job? want to see an increase in the calls or emails from recruiters? Consider these simple actions to ensure higher chances of being shortlisted and sought after.
This is especially relevant to candidates in the 3-8 years work experience range, do pay attention to the pointers below and see how your chances improve –

1. Complete and Current Profile – invest those few extra minutes to complete your profile on the job sites or LinkedIn. Once your job search is over, go ahead and deactivate your profile or better still, update your profile once a quarter if you want to stay in the hunt for that next opportunity. It’s a good idea to ask someone to review your profile to check for spelling mistakes and errors.

2. Professional Profile Picture – people are looking at you for career opportunities not to ask you out for a date or cast you in a movie. Always use a current and professional looking picture on your profile.

3. Customised Resume – Your resume represents you in print. Ensuring that your resume is well written and relevant to the job you are applying for is important. As is taking a few moments to read the job post, edit your resume to highlight the key skills being sought by the advertisers or recruiters.

4. Selective in Applying – you must take interest in the company, their operations, projects and the JD. You should share your profile or apply only if you are genuinely interested. Do not apply to all the jobs on your screen.

5. Hashtag – All resume’s go through an applicant tracking system and keywords help match candidates to jobs. All you software engineers out there should know better!  Always follow industry standard when writing your skills in your resume or filling up online forms – including uppercase, lowercase.

This is the digital age, candidates must remember that at all times. Your professional profile is an important tool to fuel your career growth and net you opportunities in this competitive world, don’t ignore it.

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Do share your thoughts on what other steps or tricks you followed to make your candidature stand out.