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Apologies for the pun intended. I’ve been a corporate, I’m a certified nutritionist and lets just say I care.

So the middle of the industry hierarchy is where the “underbelly” lurks. And how is that you may ask??

As newbies or entry level professionals we walk proud with high BMRs (Basal Metabolic Rate) and continue with our college ways of junk food. With increasing age and seniority we come to the infamous “middle” when we are weighed down with low BMRs and growing middles. Thankfully the top echelons have woken up to the reality of it all, having been through the mega middles, are eating far lesser in quantity and more in quality and of course playing more golf and running more marathons than they did a decade back.

The pear shaped can take respite, they are tad farther away from heart related scares. But the apple shaped be wary, for the danger of life threatening ailments owing to fat deposits around the middle are very real.

Those who are lucky enough to be slim and yet pack up on the junk with all the additional fats, salts and refined sugars…not to mention the preservatives….are not having an honest conversation with their arteries and livers and kidneys. Wake up call here as well.

As a culture we Indians have been brought up on well balanced diets with equal emphasis on all food groups. So it’s the safest to stick to an Indian diet in my opinion. If you do stray, try and ensure that there is emphasis on carbohydrates (all cereals primarily), proteins (legumes, pulses, dairy, poultry, meats), vitamins and minerals (cooked and uncooked fruits and vegetables) and minimal fat. The last is often what tips the scales unfavourably in most cuisines. The refined sugars and flours are not far behind in being sneaky scale tippers. So watch out.

The gastric request for comfort in routine gets the boot by the zillion food apps finding favour with the corporates. Italian, Mexican, South / East / West / North Indian…and what have you!

Our sedentary work styles and lack of time to put in work out schedules,  should shout out to us to do what we can towards good health.  We just have to make our food work for us!

Work your thali around a bit. Allot larger portions for the cooked and raw vegetables. Let your primary source of protein be plant based (your arteries will thank you and how!). Don’t forget the salads as they give you the much needed antioxidants to fight your age and most importantly your blues.
Load up on the fiber for they have a low GI (Glycemic Index), keep you feeling fuller for longer and actually come in the way of intestinal fat absorption.
Bonding over a smoke is passé. You know this already but I’ll tell you again : Smoking is injurious to health.
It takes just 15 minutes to get together a tasty and nutritious breakfast. Please go that extra mile.
Keep healthy snacks at bay so you are not keeling over with hunger and ready to attack the next meal with little restraint.
So make your food work for you and please take the stairs…do!

I wonder if you “agree”, “disagree” or plain “don’t have the time”.  We are all fair in what we choose as long as we are aware.

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